Building a Community for Members with Diabetes

In 2008, Arkansas was ranked as the 12th highest in the nation, tied with Florida and Indiana, for the number of people diagnosed with diabetes.  Consistently running at a higher rate of prevalence than the national average for 15 years, Arkansas has a serious issue.  A person with diabetes has a 50% greater chance of dying than a person of the same age without diabetes.

Employers’ Health Coalition is addressing the need to improve the health of members with diabetes and potentially, reduce the number of diagnosed with diabetes through a service to our members.  The service includes:

  • A Diabetes Resource Services Coordinator assigned to the company to meet individual needs such as:
    1. Assessing food and drink choices offered on the premises
    2. Review of claims data to ensure members are meeting ADA compliance
    3. Arranging on-site education with a Certified Diabetic Educator
    4. Partnering with health practitioners to ensure barriers preventing 100% ADA compliance are removed
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Community exchange through Facebook
  • Recipes specific to maintaining a healthy blood sugar
  • Connecting members with diabetes to free resources that will assist them in monitoring their disease and educate them 
Intended outcome from our program:
  • Increase participation in self-efficacy as measured by pre/post surveys
  • Increase control for employees with diabetes (ADA Compliance - reduced # of hospitalizations, ER visits, missed work days, etc. related to diabetes) = Better Health!
  • Reduce costs for employers
  • Identify members with pre-diabetes – BMI screening, co-morbidities -- educate them on behavioral changes that will move them out of the pre-diabetes state
  • Be a resource center for diabetes educational materials, services, and support for our community