Survey: Patients Welcome Active Role in Care

December 28, 2012

American healthcare consumers are buying into the notion that they must take an active role in their healthcare, according to a recent survey by Wolters Kluwer Health. 

The survey found 80 percent of healthcare consumers believe the trend of individuals taking a more active role in their own care is positive for americans.  Further, and somehwat surprisingly, the consumers feel ready to do so: 76 percent reported they have the necesary tools and information to take on that role.  This is good news for employers seeking to implement value-based insurance designs, as VBID typically entails employees taking on more responsibility for their own health and health care.   

This information comes at a time when many health systems and increasing numbers of employer are moving toward population health management as a part of accountable care programs, which require patients to take control of and play an active tole in their health, expecially preventive care services.


Originally Posted by NBCH

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