Employers' Choice Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Prescription drug spend in an employer's benefits plan makes up a significant share of the total cost.  Double digit increases in annual generic and brand medication costs are common.  The coming boom in Specialty bio-engineered drugs promises costs per drug unparalleled in history.

 Employers' Choice Rx (ECRx) has the expertise to manage complex and confusing pharmacy benefits by utilizing a transparent pass-through model of payment.  Coupled with a sophisticated but reasoned formulary methodology, a national network of 66,000 pharmacies, and a Best Value narrow network offering you and your employees lower pricing, ECRx offers today's leading-edge PBM design to your company.  Contact us to learn more.

Align Best Value

  • Creates a benefits program, based on your goals and corporate culture
  • Negotiates with a pool of pharmacies to find a preferred provider that best fits your needs
  • Coordinates all details and provides complete administrative support
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