Employers' Choice Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Pharmacy Benefit Manager Built by Employers for Employers

Since 2011, Employers' Choice Rx (ECRx) pass-through PBM, focused on lowest net cost, has been providing unprecedented savings for our employer members and their plan participants.  We divide responsibilities, creating an effective system of checks and balances to avoid price gouging and confirm program goals are aligned to you, the employer, rather than the drug companies and vendors.

To achieve savings while delivering top-quality healthcare, ECRx has engaged an independent academically based Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) committee committed to a value-driven plan design specific to the employer.

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Our team of experienced and accomplished physicians and clinical pharmacists develop and monitor a formulary with no outside paid interests; ensuring quality patient care is the priority.

All formulary assessments are based

  • first on safety and effectiveness,
  • second on price,
  • and third on the impact of rebates on the total cost.

Considering rebates at the end of this process assures employers that we do not chase rebates. (ECRx averages 90% generic net claims to total net claims, national average is 75-80%)

Our Formulary Services Include

  • Drug Equivalent Definition and Classification
  • Lowest Cost Drug Determinations
  • Direct Physician Communication
  • Biannual P&T Committee formulary reviews and updates

Specialty Drugs

Specialty drugs are costly injected or self-administered prescription medications, including biologics, used to treat complex or chronic medical conditions. While delivering medical advances and improved outcomes for patients, increased use of specialty drugs is causing prescription drug budgets to rise.

What Makes Our Specialty Drug Program So Special?

ECRx Specialty Pharmacy Program delivers measurable value and quality care to challenge spiraling healthcare costs.

  • Provides clinical management support and distribution services for specialty medications and the patients that use them.
  • Works in conjunction with the healthcare payer, patient and prescriber to ensure hassle-free and timely medication delivery to the patient's home or physician's office.
  • 24/7 clinical phone support that fields any patient or caregiver questions resulting in less wasted medicine and fewer emergency care situations

Role of Prior Authorization

Physicians and/or members will be required to have prior authorization before filling or having a specialty drug administered.

  • ECRx Specialty Pharmacy Program provides outreach and support during implementation for physicians and members to explain the program and the process for acquiring a prior authorization.
  • Our pharmacists may suggest a step therapy program by recommending a lower cost alternative before the authorization is given. If the members' physician can provide evidence that the lower cost alternative was or may not be effective or tolerated, the specialty drug may be authorized.

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